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About Colin McNamara

My name is Colin McNamara. I lead companies and communities through change.

These changes include technical, business model as well as organizational change. Over the years I have been a change agent in regional and global service providers, small software development teams, brick and mortar manufacturing companies, global enterprises, focused startups, and national consulting companies.

My experience spans many industries, verticals and job roles. One constant has been that shifting technology and market conditions have been accelerating both the pace and rate of change in many area’s of the business’s I have worked in. Change is the only constant, and it is accelerating. The ability to forecast the change, it’s affect on your current business and organization, as well as your competitors is key to not only success but survival into today’s economy.

My current role  Chief Cloud Architect (Reporting to SVP of Engineering / Owner) for Nexus IS, a Dimension Data Company. In that role I set technical direction and vision, and implement that vision through matrix’s into the business as well as teams reporting directly to me.

My teams including Software Development (Mainly SDN and Cloud), and Agile Business Optimization (ITSM/ITIL to AGILE) teams . This allows the organization function as an  advanced technology research and development arm, effectively driving  business and technology transformation of both Nexus’s Engineering and Sales teams, as well as customers IT and Software Development organizations.

Community and Open Source

I have been been involved with Open Source since 1998 when I switched all of my web servers at my former ISP to Linux. Since then I have been involved with, evangelized and/or contributed to many open source projects including Netsaint/Nagios, Cacti, Ubuntu, Golden Cheetah, OpenStack, OpenDaylight and more.

It is my belief that Open Source platforms, and the people that create and use them have been the fuel that the fire that Silicon Valley is based on. Support and growth of these people and platforms are key to the future of the Valley, the products we create, and the people that create them, Much of the discussion is about what  I can do and want to do for OpenStack, OpenDaylight and . But it is important to consider what I have been doing.

1. Evangelizing and increasing the adoption of OpenStack and OpenDaylight in user community through social media and the communities that I participate in.
2. Teaching people and companies about how to best contribute to OpenStack
3. Supporting and encouraging individuals in my own company (Nexus) to contribute to OpenStack, OpenDaylight as well as using it in our platforms.
4. Using my influence to educate hardware manufacturers on why the should ensure that their products are cleanly integrated with Open Source projects as well educating and encourage them to commit development resources to these projects.
5. Providing feedback from an Operators perspective to various boards and developers.
6. Playing “Johnny Appleseed” helping people set up OpenStack user groups throughout the Nation

I am doing what I can as an individual member of the OpenStack Foundation, as well as a leader in my own business to make this happen.

My thoughts on this and many other things can be found at

I can be found on twitter at @colinmcnamara

I live in the town of Austin, Texas with my two kids. I am  active in multiple boards and organizations, ( in leadership, work and support) including –

  • OpenStack Foundation
  • OpenDaylight Foundation
  • Cisco Technical Leadership Council
  • Cisco Partner Technology Advisory Board – CTO Forum
  • Tech Field Day
  • Wounded Warriors
  • St Baldricks

I can be contacted via information found on my Technical Leadership Resume Page , by contacting me via Linkedin or at


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  • 1 Akshay // Nov 13, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Hi Colin,

    Your profile seems very interesting. Just curious have to not thought of a startup?


  • 2 colinmcnamara // Nov 15, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    I have done StartUps before. My last one was ID Analytics.

  • 3 Alicia // Jul 23, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Hi Colin,

    I love your website. :) I’m actually a Recruiter and I was searching Google for a Chef pro and just took a read through your pages.. :)

    Pretty awesome!


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