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Update on the Cisco / Nuova connection

By Colin McNamara
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August 16, 2006
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This Nuova aquisition just became much more interesting.

I found an intersting article on Light Reading
Let me summarize the interesting Items.

Team hightlights 1. Nuova is led by Cisco’s former Chief Development Officer, Mario Mazzola 2. J.R. Rivers, a Cisco Distinguished Engineer who led the team that developed the Catalyst 3750 switch is on board. 3. Tom Lyon, who founded Ipsilion is also on board.VisibilityThis company is almost entirely in stealth mode. No press releases or released products.FundingAsside from Cisco’s investments they have refused all offers of VC funding.Gossipfrom Light Reading —“The startup is presumed to be working on a virtualization project in the storage networking space — at the intersection of storage, networking, and computing. The idea is that they’re trying to “aggregate compute IO from the server and centralize it into a single or small number of network elements, connected back to the servers via a high-speed low-latency ‘closed’ network,” one source says. This frees up processor memory and CPU cycles so that larger clusters of servers are possible.”

My opinion

I think that Cisco plans to jump into the clustered storage market head first. Netapp has just finished the integration of Spinnaker software with the deployment of Ontap GX. Isilion is making a killing on distributed storage. And everyone in their mother is trying to copy Googles GFS filesystem.
I think that Cisco is going to leverage the recently deployed Storage Services Module with its storage virtualization features to create an abstraction layer between products such as Nuova’s and the classic FC or SCSI connected server.
–Colin McNamara

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