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Interesting Web3 Protocol - Proof of Talent

By Colin McNamara
Published in Technology
October 28, 2022
2 min read
Interesting Web3 Protocol - Proof of Talent

Proof-of-Talent is a modular framework for measuring talent and highlighting successes. It aims to help people develop professional reputations based on on-chain and off-chain accomplishments.

The project founders claim that how skills are measured now isn’t good enough for online work like freelancing, contributing to open-source projects, and DAOs. They point out that people often judge new hires based on their status symbols, like their education, job titles, and previous employers, instead of their skills and potential. 

As a result, high-value talent remains hidden or underrepresented in the marketplace, creating inefficiencies. In addition, our economy has changed so much since 2020, and old ways of measuring and communicating talent make it harder for talented people to get jobs they would be qualified for.

This challenge affects web3 communities, traditional businesses, and their employees. Decentralized identity and on-chain reputation discussions have not addressed talent measurement or signaling. Most web3 companies and DAOs still employ web2 talent identification methods.

The Proof-of-Talent protocol uses Soulbound Tokens to record people’s achievements on a blockchain. This can help objectively quantify talent. In addition, the protocol is designed to be flexible and community-led. This architecture lets others create their own solutions on top of it and continually indicates that most people agree on the credentials that best show a person’s skills and how much they are considered.

This could be used by Fortune 500 companies, open source projects, small businesses, and other places to organize their own skills and abilities. 

Decentralized identities and the Proof-of-Talent protocol share benefits. Credentials in wallets build reputations. The information is yours. Each person can create a multi-wallet identity by linking multiple wallets to their ID. Custom oracle services link off-chain achievements to wallets. Essentially, this creates a real-time resume of capabilities.

The protocol’s competence rankings let businesses, recruiters, projects, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), or teams check out prospects anonymously and in public. This makes hiring decisions and applicant matching easier. Skills establish a person’s talent. Each talent’s successes contribute to your skill score.

The Attestation Registry underpins Proof-of-Talent. The modular Sismo.io Attestation Protocol underpins the Attestation Registry. A person must send a claim and proof to the attester in order to put their accomplishment on the registry and link it to a skill. Attesters protect and verify requests. An attestation can be edited and verified on-chain and off-chain.

Successful attestation is tied to the person’s unique identification. Each person has a unique Attestation Registry ID. You can link this identity to multiple wallets. You can use saved attestations to make more badges to show off your skills and accomplishments on the decentralized web. Souldbound Tokens (SBTs) are stateless, ERC-1155-compliant NFTs used to produce badges.

The open-source community can use this protocol to reward and badge people’s contributions. The community can also elect moderators to ensure the quality of attestations. This could create a global, decentralized network of people who can check any achievement, no matter how big or small.

Key take aways

Proof-of-Talent uses Soulbound Tokens to keep track of people’s accomplishments on a blockchain. This is a modular system for evaluating talent and highlighting successes. It is intended to help people build professional reputations based on their skills and potential. Its goal is to make it flexible and run by its community. Proof-of-Talent relies on the Attestation Registry, which lets anyone verify attestations on or off the blockchain. Open-source communities can use this protocol to reward and badge people’s contributions, allowing them to get qualified jobs more easily.

Want to learn more?

Proof of Talent:

Website - https://proofoftalent.org/

GitHub - https://github.com/kleoverse/proof-of-talent-contracts

Figma - https://www.figma.com/community/file/1162577691068501879

Twitter - https://twitter.com/kleoverse/

Discord - https://discord.gg/syrCg4RGSD


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