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EU's War on Greenwashing: Banning Emissions Offsetting by 2026

By Colin McNamara
September 22, 2023
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EU's War on Greenwashing: Banning Emissions Offsetting by 2026

Greenwashing in CPG: How Genuine Sustainability is Being Overshadowed


The world of consumer packaged goods (CPG) is aflutter with products claiming to be eco-friendly, sustainable, and green. However, many of these claims are mere facades, masking the true environmental impacts of the products. As the European Union (EU) gears up to tighten regulations on green claims by 2026, the spotlight is firmly on the CPG industry, notorious for its greenwashing tactics.

Greenwashing in the CPG Landscape

For every authentic eco-friendly product on the shelf, there might be ten others that use green jargon without the practices to back it up. Whether it’s a shampoo brand touting its natural ingredients while packaged in non-recyclable plastic or a snack brand emphasizing its organic nature without addressing its carbon footprint, greenwashing is rampant. These misleading claims not only confuse consumers but also overshadow the efforts of companies genuinely striving for sustainability.

How EU’s New Law Targets CPG Greenwashing

The impending EU law is a game-changer. Brands will no longer be able to hide behind ambiguous terms or carbon offsetting claims without concrete evidence. The focus on material provenance and processing means CPG companies will need to transparently showcase the entire lifecycle of their products – from sustainably sourcing ingredients to eco-friendly production methods and responsible disposal.

Real Sustainability vs. Marketing Hype

Genuine sustainability encompasses a product’s entire lifecycle. It’s not enough to have one green component if the rest of the product’s journey is mired in environmentally harmful practices. The EU’s emphasis on the provenance of materials and their processing is a clarion call to CPG companies: it’s time to move beyond superficial green labels and invest in truly sustainable practices.

The Challenge Ahead for CPG Companies

The CPG industry, with its vast array of products and heavy reliance on marketing, faces an uphill battle. To align with the EU’s directives, brands will need to undergo rigorous internal evaluations, revamp supply chains, and, in some cases, reinvent their products. This process, while challenging, offers a silver lining: companies that embrace genuine sustainability will stand out, gaining the trust of an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base.


The EU’s stringent regulations signal a turning point in the fight against greenwashing. While this presents a considerable challenge for the CPG sector, it also offers an opportunity. Brands that prioritize real sustainability over marketing gimmicks can set themselves apart in a crowded market, reaping the rewards of consumer trust and loyalty.

By demanding transparency and authenticity in environmental claims, the EU is fostering an era where genuine green products can shine, free from the shadow of greenwashed counterparts. The onus now rests on CPG companies to rise to the occasion and champion true sustainability.

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Real Sustainability vs. Marketing Hype

The Challenge Ahead for CPG Companies

Stay informed, question the authenticity of green claims, and support genuine efforts toward a sustainable future.


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