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Austin LangChain Updates

By Colin McNamara
March 18, 2024
1 min read
Austin LangChain Updates

Exciting Updates from Austin LangChain!

Hello, LangChain enthusiasts and AI innovators of Austin! We’re thrilled to bring you a handful of exciting updates and opportunities to engage with the LangChain community. Whether you’re a core member, a curious newcomer, or somewhere in-between, there’s something for everyone in our latest round of announcements.

🕑 Office Hours Announcement

We’re launching office hours! Join us on Discord every week from 2-3 PM Central Time, where core members of the Austin LangChain will be available to chat, answer questions, and discuss anything LangChain or AI-related. This is a fantastic opportunity to get insights from experts, share your thoughts, and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about leveraging technology for public good.Discord link

🤝 Hybrid Meetup: A New Experiment

In our constant effort to innovate and make our meetups more accessible, we’re excited to announce that our next in-person meetup will include a hybrid element. This Wednesday, we’re experimenting with bringing the in-person experience online, allowing members who can’t join us physically to participate virtually. Make sure to check out the details and RSVP here. Your feedback on this new format will be invaluable as we strive to make our events more inclusive and engaging for the entire community.

📹 Learning LangGraph: Virtual Edition Videos

Missed our Virtual Edition of Learning LangGraph? Worry not! The videos are now up and available for anyone who wishes to catch up or review the sessions. Dive into the insightful presentations and discussions on LangGraph and its implications for AI and the public good, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with the community! Watch the video

🛠 Upcoming Hacky Hour - Mark Your Calendars!

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with LangChain and AI projects? Join us for our upcoming Hacky Hour on April 3rd. It’s the perfect time to collaborate on projects, brainstorm new ideas, and work together towards building AI solutions for the public good. Whether you’re an AI veteran or just getting started, your contributions are welcome. Register now and let’s make something amazing together!

We’re looking forward to seeing you online and in person, diving deep into discussions, and co-creating the future of AI for the public good. Austin is at the heart of AI innovation, and together, we’re making a difference.

Stay curious, stay connected.

Colin McNamara

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