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Seasoned technology innovator focused on growth of people, process, and technology
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I am a business and technology innovator with over 25 years of experience scaling businesses and leading technology teams.
I change what my technical focus every two to four years. This pattern provides me with a range of tools and perspectives that allow me to bring a systematic perspective to challenges we face in todays challenging business enviornment.
I have a strong focus on web3 distributed ledger and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) technologies, which I believe will play a key role in building more sustainable, scalable, and well-governed businesses in the future.
I strive to embrace the concept of a servant leader who develops the people around him while keeping a beginner's mindset. This helps me stay sharp by shifting my technology focus every two to four years. As a result, I have succeeded as a Manager, Architect, and Engineer in global Hyper-Scale Cloud providers, software development teams, brick-and-mortar manufacturing companies, multinational enterprises, startups, consulting companies, and more.
In my free time, I enjoy kiteboarding around the world, learning and cultivating a lush and thriving garden, and exploring the local Austin food and music scene.

Engineering Leadership

I've built and led engineering teams as a Manager, Director, and Chief Architect across many business and technology verticals. My focus is leading from the front, acting as a catalyst for innovation within the teams I'm privileged to serve.


Web3 represents the future of the Internet and Cloud. I'm committed to a decentralized, autonomous, trustless, and transpaerent future. I'm taking the early advancements in DAO frameworks and layering them with good accounting and administrative practices, allowing for the next generation of decentralized governance across all verticals.

Sustainable Manufacturing

I'm currently building several scope3 compliant supply chains for fashion, consumer goods, and vitamins. Unfortunately, I've found that many manufacturers and brands misrepresent their sustainability initiatives, telling greenwashed stories while polluting our rivers, oceans, and skies. Utilizing web3 technology, we are building platforms that enables consumers to choose brands and products that match their sustainability goals based on the true scope of our supply chain emissions.
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