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Why GoDaddy Linux Virtual Dedicated Hosting Sucks & How to Fix It

February 3rd, 2008 · 169 Comments · CCIE, GoDaddy, howto, linux, scripting, Technology

Ok, put the guns away. Linux rocks… My beef is with GoDaddy and how they are hurting the average Linux virtual dedicated server user.

GoDaddy, one of the nations largest registrars and hosting providers is distributing bloated and possibly insecure code that will cause the average user to more then double their hosting costs. In the pages below you will learn exactly what GoDaddy is doing to your server, how their support staff will try to upsell you, and the steps you need to take to ensure proper operation of your Virtual Dedicated Server.


One of my new years resolutions this year was to consolidate hosting accounts into one virtual server (hosted). I had my domains, and my old hosting with Godaddy already so it was a no brainer to try out one of GoDaddys VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers).

I went with their 29.99 a month package, with Centos5, unlimited domains, 10Gb disk, and 256 MB of memory. This should be perfectly fine for hosting a couple MySql driven sites, and a couple gallery instances. Let me emphasise this is only handling 4 active domains, two of which only have static HTML.

Provisioning was a breeze, from order to shell account only took 4 hours. I was provided with shell access, pre-configured yum repositories, and this web control panel – simple control panel, or TurboPanel (seems to have two different names). I was able to pop into GoDaddy’s control panel interface with a direct link from their server manager console, and was setting up domains in no time. (Let me throw this caveat out though, don’t buy this product for your mom’s hosting…. the documentation is horrible, and by horrible I mean non-existant).

So I get my server all set up a couple weeks ago, transfer all my files from 2 Cups Solutions and set up my new site. Things go just fine, I changed over to wordpress as a CMS and am totally thrilled. My applications and email are working perfectly. Plus, I have a shell account at GoDaddy which is a very handy thing to have as a network engineer. Things are going so well, that I give my buddy Rick a Christmas present and get and for him, and host it on my GoDaddy VDS.I go ahead and purchase the domain through godaddy’s domain manager. This is obviously GoDaddy’s core competency, and goes flawlessly as usual. Next step, I go into the Turbo Panel web interface. Let me give you a little background on TurboPanel. This is the “free” equivalent “to plesk or cpanel. It is actually ok for automating your domain provisioning, though if you are a normal skill level user, I would recommend paying the extra 9.99 a month for Cpanel.

Server Error

I open up my TurboPanel interface and go to provision into the domain manager. It comes back with the least descriptive error I have ever received.

Server Error
We are sorry, the system has encountered an error while processing your request.


If you continue to receive this error, please contact your system administrator.

Your URL: /domain/

Error details:

CommandFailedException: Unable to get min/max uids
at c.g.t.w.actions.domain.ActionDomainEdit.process:84
at c.g.t.w.actions.AbstractSpringAction.execute:118

at c.g.t.w.filters.AuthorizedResourceFilter.doFilter:38

at c.g.t.w.filters.RequestPopulationFilter.doFilter:117

This is the most descriptive error ever right? it tells you what is wrong, has a link to the support system, and gives you actionable information…. I would say a resounding NO. This is a classic example of why friends don’t let friends program in Java. When I got this error last night, I was scratching my head. As an engineer, the first thing I will look at is the last change to the system. Coincidentally I had installed awstats two nights before, and looking at my change logs, I saw that I had upgraded my perl version. So, with no fast response to the support email from GoDaddy I chose to put in a server re provision request (fully automated) and restore from my backups. That process took about an hour, but afterwards I was back online with no errors. Eureka! I found it (I thought). I provisioned Rick’s domain, wordpress, gallery2 etc and then went to bed.

GoDaddy Support Response

Fast forward to this morning, and I finally recieve an email reply from godaddy support. The email is pasted below-

(I have replaced the agents name with John Doe. Tech support is a hard job and I see no reason to highlight him specifically)

Support Staff Response
Dear Sir or Madam,Thank you for contacting Server Support.Your system may not have the resources needed to accommodate the processes running when you observed this issue. To resolve this issue, you can attempt to restart Java and Simple Control Panel with the following commands through SSH as root;/etc/init.d/tomcat55 restart
/etc/init.d/turbopanel restartIt may be necessary to remove unneeded processes, stop unused processes, or limit the currently running processes to not over utilize the server’s resources. To remedy this issue long-term, you could either setup a server with 512mb RAM, or upgrade to a Dedicated server.In order to properly support this issue we will need to reveal account specific information. Before we can give out any information on the account, we will need to verify the last 4 digits of a credit card, PayPal Billing Agreement/Account Number, or Support PIN on the account. Payment information on the account can be found under “Credit Card & Payment Info” from the “Customer Info & More” dropdown. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.Please contact us if you have any further issues,John Doe
Server Support
Hosting Operations

Before re-provisioning the server, I went ahead and tried the old three finger salute (reboot) the error still existed. So even if this email would have came to me on time, it would not have helped.

But that is besides the point. lets dig into the solution

The agent suggested the following fix –

Restart tomcat – which I was NOT using for any of my web applications (not an ejb guy)

/etc/init.d/tomcat55 restart

Restart TurboPanel (or simple control panel now – they haven’t updated their init scripts)

/etc/init.d/turbopanel restart

GoDaddy tried to upsell me, instead of fixing their code

He gives the standard, run less stuff on your server speech (remember, I only have 4 domains on this server)

Now here is the kicker – To remedy this issue long-term, you could either setup a server with 512mb RAM, or upgrade to a Dedicated server.

What the heck is with that? I should not need an upgrade with only 4 domains on a server. Especially when in the setup the default Cpanel implies support of 30 domains. Is this Tech Support or a Sales Call?

But, since my server was working fine I don’t pay much attention to the email and move on with my life.

Fast forward an hour, and I am show Rick how to access all the features of his new site, and I figure that I need to change an email account on his domain to forward to his old account. Fine, this should take two minutes. I log onto the TurboPanel interface to put the email forward in.. and there it, a big useless error screen. What the heck is with that?

So this time I actually read the email, and try the fix. Results = nothing. GoDaddy offers shell access so I log in, run top and filter for %memory used. Low and behold, there is only 8142 bytes of memory free, and a Java process owned by root is using 300Mb of virtual memory, and 132Mb of real memory, and Tomcat is using 115Mb of virtual memory and 86Mb of real memory.

Let me translate this into English – Godaddy’s control panel application was using 218 Megabytes of the 256 Megabytes of memory I had purchased. That left me with 34 Megabytes of memory . Let me clarify this, I had paid for a virtual server with 256Mb of ram, up to 1000Mb bursted (which I think is their code for swap). I am only running 4 domains on this server, and two pop3 email servers. This should not be a problem.So what is the cause of the problem? I can sum it up, crappy Java programming. Someone decided to write this program in Java (probably easier to outsource) instead of optimising it to run on lean systems. Their code effectively takes up all the available memory. And on top of that, they are are running a webserver process as root… yes as root. It is like asking for your server to get hacked.

Now, that I am done ranting, let me highlight how to fix this problem.

If you are on Windows use the following procedure to get shell access to your GoDaddy VDS –

  • you will want to download a ssh client called putty – Download Here
  • Copy this file to your desktop, double click putty.exe , and you should see something like this -

  • In the host name field I have . replace yourdomain with your domain name.
  • Click on the open button on the bottom right, and a shell should pop up, along with a warning that looks like this (you can click OK to the warning)

  • Now skip past the linux section

If you are running Linux or Unix start here -

  • Open up a command line terminal
  • ssh using your godaddy simple control panel username example -


  • If this is your first time connecting to this server, you will be prompted to accept an unkown ssh key into known_hosts, choose yes to accept

Both Windows, Linux and Unix Continue Here –

  • Enter your the password you use to access your GoDaddy Simple Control Panel Interface
  • You will be presented with what looks like a DOS window, this is called a secure shell terminal. Type in the username you use to access your Godaddy Simple Control Panel and then hit enter

  • Now type in the password that you use to access your Simple Control Panel Interface and hit enter

  • Congratulations, if you see the window below you are now shelled into your virtual dedicated server.

Change to the Root user

  • Now that you are shelled into a Linux device you need to escalate your privileges to get administrator level access. In the Unix world this user is known as Root. You can change to this user, and get full system privileges by using the following command.

su – root

  • You will be presented with a password prompt, enter in the same password that you have used to log into your Simple Control Panel Interface
  • You are now root, be careful with what command you enter under this user, as you can do some damage if you are careless

Clean out your servers memory

  • Most recent Redhat direvatives (including Centos) utilize a tool called yum to add and remove packages. This is also true with your linux servers at GoDaddy.
  • you need to install a tool called memhog, it is part of a package called numactl that is normally used to assign specific process’s to specific cpu’s in a multi-core system. We will be using it today to fix GoDaddy’s memory hogging application

yum install numactl

  • choose yes to all the prompts, and numactl will automatically be downloaded and installed on your server

Stop GoDaddy Simple Control Panel, and Tomcat, and tell them not to start automatically when your server restarts.

  • Tomcat is a special type of webserver for Java based applications. Godaddy uses it to run their control panel interface. 99.99999 percent of users will not need to use Tomcat. If you do need to use Tomcat then you are a technical user and will know what to do.
  • In Linux, server applications are called daemons. The are executed by init scripts. We will use these scripts to turn off these server applications
  • Turn off the TurboPanel daemon ( this is the process that runs your simple control panel web interface

/etc/init.d/turbopanel stop

  • Next we need to turn off Tomcat

/etc/init.d/tomcat55 stop

  • Now that we have these services turned off, we need to make sure that they don’t come back when we reboot the server. We can do this by using the chkconfig command.
  • Stop the Simple Control Panel Interface from starting automatically by executing the following command

chkconfig turbopanel off

  • Stop the Tomcat server from starting automatically by executing the following command

chkconfig tomcat55 off

Clean the mess GoDaddy made of your servers memory

  • A couple steps back we installed numactl. The executable we wanted out of this package is memhog. Issue the following command to take your memory back. This command will overwrite 200 megabytes of your memory, allowing the rest of your applications to get access to that memory.

memhog 200m

  • This will Clear out the memory that GoDaddy’s application took over, and allow the rest of your daemons to run fine.

Great, my server is running better now. But I want to use my Simple Control Panel Interface. How do I do that?

  • Easy, all you need to do is temporarily start the turbopanel daemon. When you are done making changes, you can turn it off again

/etc/init.d/tomcat55 start

/etc/init.d/turbopanel start

  • When you are done, don’t forget to turn it off

/etc/init.d/turbopanel stop

/etc/init.d/tomcat55 stop

*** UPDATE *** *** UPDATE ***

I managed to stay with Godaddy and use their Virtual Dedicated Servers for 12 months. However I have moved to a new hosting provider (rimuhosting) in the spring of 2009. My last straw with GoDaddy occurred when I noticed that even with my memory utilization under control my applications were performing poorly. I shelled into verify and found that the virtual disk I/O was severly limited.

Performance issues –

Simple command to determine directory size on GoDaddy VPS

[root@ip-72-167-15-128 home]# time du -hs
1.3G    .
real    0m49.013s
user    0m0.011s
sys    0m0.062s

Simple command to determine directory size on Rimuhosting VPS
[root@colinmcnamara home]# time du -hs
1.3G    .
real    0m0.343s
user    0m0.050s
sys    0m0.290s

Translated into english, it took 49 seconds to execute a simple command on my GoDaddy server, and it too 0.34 seconds (under 1 second) to execute the same command on my virtual server at Rimuhosting.

On top of that, I was paying $32 dollars a month to GoDaddy for a server with 256 megs of ram as well as a FTP backup account. When I created my short list of hosts, I noticed that I was not getting the best deal by staying with GoDaddy.

Pricing at Rimuhosting

One thing you may notice, is that for the same price as the base GoDaddy VDS ($29.95) you get 400 Megabytes of RAM instead of 256. (and they won’t put on a memory sucking turbopanel app) On top of that, things that I had to pay extra for at GoDaddy such as backup space, backup mail relays, and DNS service came bundled for free.

I made the choice to move to Rimuhosting, and the service has been superior to GoDaddy in every single way. If you get sick of GoDaddy like I did, you might want to check Rimuhosting out, I think you’ll like them.

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169 responses so far ↓

  • 1 sketec // Feb 6, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Thanks for this. As my own blog gains popularity I might need virtual dedicated hosting soon.

  • 2 colinmcnamara // Feb 6, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    Welcome dude, I am glad to be of help.

  • 3 myfishorville // Feb 10, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    Thanks for the overview and solution. Ironically, I was dealing with this very issue tonight, wondering why GoDaddy support was telling me I was chewing through memory when I’m only hosting 4 domains, and really only 1 of them sees any traffic yet.

    I’m considering upgrading to cPanel, but I hate to put more money in their pockets.

  • 4 colinmcnamara // Feb 11, 2008 at 7:21 am

    You are welcome. Cpanel is a very well developed product, and you wont be sad. You will effectively pay 120 a year for it ($9.99 a month).

  • 5 Never Fear, Hosting Hero is Here! | Blogging Startup // Feb 13, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    [...] Colin McNamara – “Why GoDaddy Linux Virtual Dedicated Hosting Sucks & How to Fix It“ [...]

  • 6 maxtoroq // Feb 16, 2008 at 7:18 pm

    Thank you so much for this post, I’ve been experiencing performance issues that lead me to order a second virtual server.

    I think you made a mistake at the begining of the post, the $29,99 month package comes with 256 MB of memory instead of 512.

    I would really apreaciate if you can explain me how to verify if the memhog command really worked, when I run the top command I don’t know how to read the stats at the because of the numbers, I don’t see 256 MB total, 180 MB used… I do know how to sort by %MEM, that gives me clear picture of what is using the most memory.

  • 7 colinmcnamara // Feb 16, 2008 at 7:44 pm

    in the third row down in TOP there is a field called mem: with 4 values to the right. the third value is free.
    After running memhog you should see this number increase.

  • 8 jstark // Feb 18, 2008 at 10:14 am

    I have had two godaddy vdeds for about 18 months. Overall I am happy with them, but I am very familiar with the terrible error messages provided by the SimpleControlPanel/TurboPanel. Normally, I just reboot the box and they clear.

    I am in the process of moving all the domains to one of the boxes so I can upgrade the OS on the older one and use it as a dev server. As I got more and more domains moved onto the newer box, I definitely noticed the page load times were getting slower. In fact, a lot slower.

    So, I ssh’d into the box, ran the top command, and made the exact same eye-popping discovery that you did – tomcat was eating all my memory! Unfortunately for me, I had no idea why or what to do about it.

    Thank you so much for this post. I followed your instructions to the letter and everything worked perfectly. My pages are now snappy as ever :)


  • 9 colinmcnamara // Feb 18, 2008 at 10:57 am

    Jstark, you are very welcome.

  • 10 JTBldrCO // Feb 18, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    Yes, great summary. Funny thing: I am a brand new GoDaddy VPS customer and I am in the 0.00001% that DO need Tomcat. I THINK I can reconfigure it to use less memory (launch-script java cmd line args for stack and/or heap, or, env var eg “export CATALINA_OPTS=”-Xms128m -Xmx128m”). But, I need a source for some help setting up my DNS. I have worked on the named.conf level years ago and don’t want to go back (tried to read OReilly BIND but muttled through at best). Any ideas to share for DNS HowTO ref. at the Simple Control Panel level?

  • 11 colinmcnamara // Feb 18, 2008 at 5:42 pm

    JTBldrCO – if you NEED tomcat, then I don’t see a problem in running it. ( I suggest turning it off because as you put it, 99.99999% of people will never use it. The root of the problem is a memory leak inside simple control panel, not tomcat.

  • 12 jstark // Feb 19, 2008 at 12:35 am

    I just checked back in with my newly “memhogged” server and seems something is still awry.

    Earlier today when I followed your instructions, I saw my free memory skyrocket as expected — from about 50,000k to 200,000k.

    Now, it’s seems thing are back to bad. Here’s my Mem line from top command:

    Mem: 8145020k total, 8118540k used, 26480k free, 34056k buffers

    The weird thing is, tomcat is not running. In fact, when I sort the results by the %MEM column, only about 10 process are using any memory and they are all 0.3 or lower.

    I rebooted, but it didn’t change the situation. Any ideas?


  • 13 colinmcnamara // Feb 19, 2008 at 7:58 am

    Since the 2.6 kernel linux will start utilizing unused memory for buffer caching. This is fine,if it will give it up when another app requests it. GoDaddy’s app would not release those memory pages. You have 24mb free, which is fine. I was seeing that I only had 212 kb free (kilo vs mega bytes).

  • 14 jstark // Feb 19, 2008 at 8:51 am

    Cool beans. Good to know. Thanks much for the explanation.

  • 15 JTBldrCO // Feb 19, 2008 at 9:19 am

    I have successfully run the Simple Control Panel (SCP) with a changed memory setting. It turns out that, presently at least, the SCP runs in ITS OWN copy of Tomcat. The administrator-accessible Tomcat is a separate instance of this code. It shows up in the Processes as two separate ‘java’ commands. If you go to /etc/init.d and look in (file) turbopanel you’ll find “JAVA_OPTS” – it’s there that you set your “-Xms64m -Xmx96m” value (more or else – these are the values that I used). When I did that (a) it worked, (b) I saw lower memory usage when I ran top (this is the heap space used by the JVM – actual mem usage is higher than the mx setting). I am going to experiment with 64m/64m, too. Thanks for everyone’s help!

  • 16 webcurry // Feb 24, 2008 at 1:31 am

    Thanks for this post Colin, helped me in ways you never intended:

    Decided to buy a new godaddy vds rather than re-provision my old one as they tried to get me to do (turns out I was paying 34.99 instead of 29.99 for the privilege of being such an old, loyal customer) with their 4 bullet point documentation.

    Opted for Centos5 rather than FC7 — just ’cause you did- and YOU know what you’re doing. Did check to make sure Plesk 8 supported it first… I’m not that lame.

    Followed your tutorial to learn how to have shell access. Yummy.

    All in all, a jolly good google story to tell the grandkids someday.

  • 17 maxtoroq // Feb 24, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Sorry to bother you Colin, but could you please explain more about the memhog command? Why do you override 200m? Does it have to do with the amount of memory that turbopanel uses or the amount of RAM the system has?

    For everyone who’s read this post, I’ve found this wiki that we could use to share more experiences about managing godaddy’s VPS:

  • 18 JTBldrCO // Feb 24, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    With respect to the TWO Tomcat containers running on the GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Servers (at least, mine as I received it) – there is the standalone – Simple Control Panel application (see /etc/init.d/turbopanel), and there is the Tomcat container for us (me). Why they did not make TurboPanel a web app within the Tomcat container – well, guess it was for stability. Anyway, to set these containers’ JVM memory usage, you must see the two configs in /etc/sysconfig. These config settings take precedence over the settings in the files within /etc/init.d. Also, your -Xmx64m setting (64, 128, 48, whatever) is ADDITIVE to the PermSize setting to get actual heap space allocated (according to what I read elsewhere). You can see the settings in effect by doing a ps -ef with your shell window wide enough to output about 150 characters.


  • 19 colinmcnamara // Feb 24, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    JTBldrCO, thank you for your input. Your findings and suggestions will really help people who need to run tomcat applications on their GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Servers, but don’t want to upgrade their memory.

  • 20 colinmcnamara // Feb 24, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    maxtoroq – The choice to write over 200 megs of memory with memhog is purely based on the amount of memory provisioned in the system.

    The reason for memhog, is that with the 2.6 Linux kernel a feature was introduced that allowed the kernel to utilize unused pages in main memory to cache IO requests to connected block devices.

    This creates a tagging of pages in memory, tags for memory that can be over written and tags for pages that cannot be overridden.

    I don’t really know why, but with the move from 2.4 to 2.6 I have seen memory issues move from leaks requiring a reboot to memory getting tagged but not released. I have found that using memhog to “force” pages to be released works well to address this issue. I admit it is a total hack, but it has proved useful in a pinch.

  • 21 topsax // Mar 14, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    Colin.. thanks so much for this article. I had the same problems you did with GoDaddy’s Virtual Server. I have been using it for 2 years now.. just seems to be a big problem with the C-Panel/Tomcat combination lately. Java just seems very lame to me. Never have liked it.

    I used your remedy.. it worked fine.. Now my little email programs are working again. When people write me about saxophones I have a small auto-responder. Of course like you said C-Panel running in the background was HOGGING all the memory.

    Anyway, just a few questions if you don’t mind?

    After installing “yum install numactl” I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to display the memory information again. I can’t figure out the commands.

    Also, the “memhog 200m” command worked the very first time.. but now the BASH says there is no such command when I try and run it. I am stumped??

    I don’t want Tomcat or C-Panel to restart automatically. I want to leave it off.. I tried running the 2 commands:

    chkconfig turbopanel off (and)
    chkconfig tomcat55 off

    Bash says again there are no such commands..

    Sorry to be a pain. If you can help I would appreciate it. I would like to be able to use these commands from time to time.



  • 22 topsax // Mar 14, 2008 at 10:15 pm

    Colin.. this is a follow-up to the above post.. I figured out how to use the CHKCONFIG command to turn off Tomcat and C-Panel..

    and I have a little better understand of YUM..


    the only thing I can not figure out is how to run the “memhog 200m” command again. Maybe I am not in the right directory to run the command?


  • 23 colinmcnamara // Mar 15, 2008 at 9:03 am

    Topsax, I am glad to hear that things are better after two years of this issue. Lets see if I can help you find memhog.

    First things first, make sure you followed the step in the above article that says to install it by issuing –

    yum install numactl

    this installs the package that memhog is distributed in.

    Next, if you have numactl installed, then you might have a path issue. Try executing memhog by explicitly calling out the path –

    /usr/bin/memhog 200m

    This should get you going in the right direction.


  • 24 pagalkutta // Mar 25, 2008 at 3:17 am

    Nice to see the comments on godaddy’s VDH and the particularly the problems people face.
    It makes me happy because now I know that at least it works enough to give problems.
    I got a VDH on the 20th of March and they told me it will be done in 24+5hours.
    Its been 5 days(120hrs+) and I can’t login to simple control panel.
    They say they are working on it and everytime I submit a trouble ticket and call them, they say it takes 72 hrs.
    I just finished submitting my 15th ticket and gave them a call. They say its going to be 72 hrs because I just submitted a ticket. Im gonna have to remember not to do that anymore.
    But im still positive about this. 30bucks for a VDS doesnt sound bad and they are open almost 24 hours although most of the people answering your calls can hardy use MS Paint.

  • 25 topsax // Mar 25, 2008 at 4:11 am

    I hope I don’t burst anyone’s bubbles.. with the Godaddy Virtual Server I finally had to strip it completely down.. ie: get rid of Java, Tomcat, and the Control Panel and NOW the server runs like a dream .. no RAM problems.. but, I am having to do everything in PUTTY SSH to configure or change things.. the good part is I am really learning linux.. the bad part is that it is time consuming..

    GoDaddy is a great company and the Virtual Server is a good inexpensive service, but in all honesty, the overhead of these operating systems and all the applications is just too much for the amount of RAM memory allocated on their plans..

    Sidenote: I just got a LINODE Virtual Server.. great deal at just 19.95 a month and PLENTY of RAM.. the Server really ROCKS.. but again, this is definitely not for beginners.. you really have to know linux to fool around here.


  • 26 easytouch // Apr 9, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    I just wanted to leave my respect for your writing skills.

    It is not easy to write technical articles to be easy to read for beginners and also interesting for technical users.

    I hope that I can learn from your blog how to write good user manuals for my user audience.

    Greetings from Vienna, Robert

  • 27 andybra // Apr 19, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    Thanks Colin I went through your item and its excellent, but there is one more thing that some people might need to be aware.

    When you turn off tomcat you affect cron jobs because they rely on Java to run. So you might need to keep tomcat running so your cron jobs wont be affected.

  • 28 colinmcnamara // Apr 19, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    andybra, can you please elaborate on what you found. I checked my crontabs for each user including root and no java processes were listed (in the default go daddy configuration).

    Are you saying that cron requires java to run?
    I might be wrong, but I am pretty sure that I have had cron jobs running in the past without having installed java on a server (logratate, etc).

  • 29 andybra // Apr 20, 2008 at 12:17 am

    I did a few tests, after I turned off my tomcat my cron jobs where not running, I tried for at least an hour, I have at least 12 crons running every minute. After I decided to just turn on the tomcat, my crons where working. I think the Crontab Manager requires Java.

    Is this right or am I missing something. How much RAM does tomcat take up also?

    Generally speaking my server is performing far much better after turning off and disabling the Simple control panel.

  • 30 colinmcnamara // Apr 20, 2008 at 6:26 am

    andybra, remember that cron is just a scheduler for commands. If the commands that it is invoking need the tomcat process, and the process is disabled, then the job will fail. The litmus test for this is whether you can enter the command listed in your crontab manually. If you can’t run it on the command line, you will not be able to run it in cron.

  • 31 doomtints // May 27, 2008 at 6:41 am

    This is actually a common problem with Virtuozzo VPSs. I hate to tell you this, but what GoDaddy told you is probably correct. Virtuozzo limits the number of open files you can have, and if you reach this limit no new processes can start causing a whole slew of errors. This is the most common support issue among VPS providers.

    From my experience, it is email that causes this problem for most people. If you are using your VPS for email, don’t POP very often and don’t run a mailing list.

    You can look at /proc/user_beancounters to see how many files you have open and also to see how many other resources you are using. The next time you have this error, look at this file and I bet you will see that you are over the resource limit for something.

    You claim to be a computer geek but this seems to be new territory for you. I’m not a godaddy fan by any means. so I’m not defending them, but with all your certifications this post makes you look like a nOOb.

  • 32 colinmcnamara // May 27, 2008 at 7:52 am

    Doomtints, Thank you for your input on open file limits. You are correct that having to many open process or files can have negative effects on system performance, and that it is generally limited by the sysadmin. Though through my troubleshooting I had ruled that out as a culprit. I do have to say that I think you are jumping to a conclusion, and frankly being a bit rude.

    My troubleshooting was pretty specific, and my solutions have helped people with similar problems on their servers. I think that passes any reasonable persons litmus test for a correct solution.

    I would hope that you would learn that putting down someone else technically does not elevate yourself, it actually lowers peoples opinions of you. Everyone has to learn this lesson early in their careers, and once they do, that humility is a firm foundation build on.

    Also, certifications don’t make the man. I know some brilliant engineers with no certifications to their names, as well as amazing engineers who have more certs then they know what to do with.

    In my case certifications are a necessary part of consulting. They are important in that they prove at a base level that you understand that vendors product, as well as providing a way to learn more about a product or technology (yes, I actually learn something new every time I have to cert or recert on a product). If you question my experience on a product or technology, please feel free to check out my resume. You will find that I am just passing 10 years of experience with Unix and Routing / Switching technologies. While that doesn’t mean I know it all ( I learn something new every day), it does provide me with a decent base of knowledge and experience that I apply every day to learning and understanding new technologies.

  • 33 doomtints // May 27, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    I don’t think I made any assumptions.

    – You keep saying you have a VDS, but with the specs I can see that you clearly have a VPS.

    – You still didn’t understand what I stated. Virtuozzo puts hard limits on the number of open files that can be open on a VPS, after that it won’t allow new processes to start. This is different from any “Linux” limit which I don’t think exists, but may of course limit performance if too many files are open. You would probably agree that what you ran into with your error messages isn’t a performance issue. Your response to me makes me think that you still don’t understand what I told you.

    Look at /proc/user_beancounters on your VPS and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. Very likely the plan you have is the standard $30 plan at most providers, which means you have an open file limit of around 8196. If you have ever used the ‘lsof’ command in Linux, then you know that a standard Linux installation can easily have 2000-4000 files open even when apparently idle. Add in a mailing list, a lot of email traffic, or a lot of setup/maintenance activity and you can see that you’ll be hitting that limit fairly quickly.

    – Sure, you helped people, but you didn’t fix the real problem that you were having or that they were having, as you haven’t yet identified the problem. Godaddy’s advice to you, which you have attacked, was better advice. Why are you attacking Godaddy’s advice but then a little offended when someone attacks yours? If someone is hitting the resource limit with the VPS plan they bought, the best advice for a service provider to give is to upgrade as opposed to disabling services. Sure, experts can disable services that they don’t need, but even then they are not “fixing” the problem with Virtuozzo! The problem with a hard limit on open files could still recur!

    Play a little bit with Virtuozzo or, better yet, OpenVZ (the free version) and you will find that you were off on the wrong track here.

  • 34 colinmcnamara // May 27, 2008 at 2:26 pm

    Doomtints – I guess we will have to agree to disagree here. Open file limits (either hard limits internally, or imposed by an external virtualizer) were one of the first things I did check… this isn’t my first rodeo, while my shell scripting is horrible, I am not so bad when it comes to Linux / Unix. I feel that your condescending tone is not appropriate, nor is it helpful.

    I am glad that you were able to contribute to the conversation here, but the issue you are describing is not and has not occurred on my server. I run 3 word press driven sites, and one instance of a mail server. This is well within the bounds of what a virtual server should be able to handle.

    I could post every detailed debug, and change this site from a blog that tries to explain complex technologies in a voice that most people can understand into a site thats only purpose is to show the world that I am smart and they aren’t. Frankly I chose not to. If you disagree with that choice, the internet is a big place, and you are free to write your own articles with your own opinions.

  • 35 WebSmith // Jun 19, 2008 at 9:39 am

    Well i’m an unabashed Linux ignoramus, although it’s something i’m learning bit by bit. I wonder if some people make things complicated because, i mean, if you can explain something like this to me then you can explain it to just /anyone/ and then who needs self-important experts? Anyway i, for one, very much appreciate the plain-English instructions and the lack of patronizing tone. This is a difficult paradigm for novices because the most frequent advice we hear is “well if you don’t know /that/ then you shouldn’t be running your own server”.

    I’m just a small-time developer who likes to provide hosting for my clients. I bought a Godaddy VPS because i needed one more IP for a client’s SSL cert, and that would’ve made my shared reseller account cost as much as a GoDaddy VPS. My first impression is that it’s a dog right out of the box, which is why i Googled for articles such as this one. It takes almost two minutes to connect to the FTP server, and randomly anywhere from ten seconds to a half-minute to change directories. Same behavior is exhibited in SCP.

    Using one test page with four images i can see significant difference in speed between the GoDaddy server and my overloaded old shared hosting. I’m really wondering if i did the right thing, and i’ve got a very mportant account waiting while i’m wondering where to install his certificate. When you speak of your troubles with “only four domains” are you giving an extreme example as a point of reference? I mean, i’ve got at least fifteen well-trafficked sites and two busy php forums… the specs would indicate i should have about ten times the resources of my shared server, but your server is throwing errors with four static sites… um… sorry… this is a question and i’m not articulating it well because i’m getting flustered.

    Sorry for the long post. I’m going now to check out the advice most graciously given here, but meanwhile would you have any advice as to how one might transfer files to and from the server via SCP or SFTP when everything belongs to “root” but you have to log in with your username? File operations are really clumsy from a PuTTY terminal.

  • 36 colinmcnamara // Jun 19, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Websmith, I am glad that you found my blog helpful. I do try to avoid the patronizing uber geek tone, I don’t find that it is very helpful in the long run.

    My for domains have moderate traffic, with around 8,000 views a month right now. Its nothing to laugh at, but small beans in the grand scheme of things.

    One tool that I recommend for windows users SFTP’ing data is winscp. It is very similar to common FTP programs and should be pretty easy to use for you.

  • 37 luisw19 // Jun 21, 2008 at 7:21 am

    Great article indeed! Many thanks

    I do not consider my self a Linux geek, but I have manage to maintain my own VPS for about 5 years. Since I have not updated my VPS since I started I am probably paying the most expensive and less competitive VPS package on the market (I started with what used to be Interlard and was bough by sucks!). Saying this, I am now in the process of choosing the new VPS, reason why I ended up reading this outstanding blog.

    I was wondering if you may please provide me with any hint as to whether or not goodady should I go with goodady VDS (I can assume you don’t like it too much, but honestly, is among the cheapest ones in the market reason why it results very attractive to many, including me!).

    I own about 20 accounts (domains) and offer to each account most common services such as email (pop3, imap, smtp and webmail), ftp, mysql; my concern if whether or not godaddy VDS offers all of this services independently to each domain (specially the email services… in other words, does it includes a mail server such as qmail and sendmail??). Most of the accounts do not have a lot of traffic, but one specifically is very somewhat popular and receives about 2000 hits a day! (all my apps are LAMP based!)

    On the other hand, I am also attracted to other VPS plans such as the ones offered in and! any feedback on these plans??

    Any help will be most welcomed!



  • 38 placibo.var // Jun 26, 2008 at 10:53 am

    colin, thx for the info. I just got the same exact VDS service day before, and was running into the same problem.

    Disabling the memory hog fixed the server slowdown but its still serving pages slowly. Looks like theres some amount of bandwidth or connection throttling somewhere, or it needs optimization.

    I haven’t tried to run the same app on my server server at home. It is much more powerful but,

    Also, all the resource use were WAY under the limit. doomtints, pls brush up on ur attitude, and stop throwing commands out of your linux for dummies book.

  • 39 placibo.var // Jun 26, 2008 at 10:58 am

    people like doomtints make me sick, bloody noob, script kiddie.

  • 40 deltajo // Jun 26, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Colin what a great find this blog was. Thank you very much.

    I encountered the exact same memory problem that you described (and got the same form letter it sounds like) and am now setting up my “new” 512 MB RAM virtual dedicated server, having fallen for their sales/tech answer to my problem.

    I’ve implemented your solutions on my old server and the new one. No probs so far!

    But do I understand correctly that if I changed from Simple Control Panel to another one of the options they offer, the memory problem won’t persist, and I can avoid this hassle of having to stop/restart through SSH all the time?

    Also, re the argument from the pretty rude “doomtints” (#31 above): One of the sites I have on my server gets thousands of hits *per day* (it’s a blog using Expression Engine), and I have a massive incoming spam email problem, in addition to lots of legitimate emails which I totally rely on and have to check constantly through MS Outlook Express. Could that guy’s remarks about email argue for a separate server for email?

    Thanks again Colin. Great work!

  • 41 robert // Jul 8, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    Hello Colin

    I have started a dedicated server package there with GOdaddy….
    I cant find the tomcat root there ….can u suggest me where its present….I have logged in as root to the server with ssh.Yet could not find the root.

    tomcat is in /usr/java/tomcat

    where is the web-apps specifically?

    Would u suggest?


  • 42 › Daddy be clueless with technology // Aug 23, 2008 at 10:52 am

    [...] Slick tool if it didn’t need memory.  I finally googled the errors and ran this blog post…. The guy has an alphabet soup behind his name, he might know something.. The post basically eluded [...]

  • 43 gymtops // Aug 26, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    Before I did what you suggested in your post, I sent godaddy an email to see what they’d say.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for contacting customer support.

    The turbopanel service (Simple Control Panel) had failed because the server did not have any available memory to allocate to the control panel. Tomcat and Apache were using most of the available memory and was causing the issue. A reboot of the server has corrected the issue however if this occurs again you will need to stop or limit the amount of memory being allocated to your services or consider moving to a new server with higher memory limits.

    Please contact us if you have any further issues.

    Thanks for writing this article.

  • 44 kcrea // Sep 1, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Hello Colin:

    I am presently having a similar problem with GoDaddy where they are now trying to upsell me to a higher plan rather than solve the following:

    Recently, myself and two others who download MP3 files via Podcast from a particular Web site that GoDaddy hosts, are being throttled based on our source IP addresses; I handle the Podcasts for this site as well as do backups. So my FTP as well as iTunes downloads went from normal speed to about 9-10 kbps. The files aren’t that large, around 55 MB at the high end.

    One of us went to our neighbor’s wireless network to download and got regular speeds, but when he went back to his home network, he got maybe 9-10 kbps. GoDaddy initially told us to clear our cache, then proceeded to try to sell us on upgrading our Web server to a dedicated plan.

    Questions: do you know if GoDaddy or any other Web hosting company throttles based on IP source addresses; and anre there tools that we can use to collect forensics to show if we are being throttled? GoDaddy would never admit this, but I want to be sure that this is what they are doing. Also, isn’t throttling illegal and/or breaks a Web hosting agreement?


  • 45 kidcannibal // Sep 9, 2008 at 10:42 am

    A great article and great comments. Refreshing that idiots like my aren’t lost with a lot of jargon.

    Here’s my deal: I want to run tomcat, and simple control panel does seem to help me in a lot of areas I don’t know. I happened to know java, a friend wanted a business site and somehow I’ve become the developer and the system admin.

    I don’t know the first thing about servers, my dog knows a little less about Linux than i do.

    I of course want to learn, but the time just isn’t available right now. using the commands from the article can I just stop and start simple control panel when I need it so my instance of tomcat server isn’t dragged down?


  • 46 inquisitive // Sep 23, 2008 at 10:52 pm

    Greetings Colin,

    Are you still using Godaddy’s VDS?
    I just ordered one but didnt order Cpanel. I wanted to know if your experience has been any better or worse. It seems that If I want to order a cpanel it is going to take even longer for me to have an active server, its already been 24hrs and nowhere to be seen.

    Any other feedback you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

  • 47 colinmcnamara // Sep 24, 2008 at 7:55 am

    Yes, I am still using Godaddy VDS. I guess it is just a matter of time until I move off, but time is not something I have much of.

    That is weird that they are taking so long. I know when I ordered mine I got it that night.

  • 48 trbr // Oct 3, 2008 at 5:59 am

    Hi Colin, all,

    Thanks for the interesting blog. As someone told, you need to have the patience and dedication to make a technical article interesting. You have done so! Kudos.

    I was suddenly facing with this out of memory error when doing a php proc_open(), on the godaddy VDS and contacted their support. They did recommend me to restart the turbopanel. For heavns sake I am hosting only one domain and that too I am the only user since the site is still under testing.

    I never took these services seriously until I started to run out of memory. Of course I then googled ‘turbopanel’ and there your article showed in the top few results! I have decided to turn off turbopanel now, since I will rarely use it. I know linux fairly well and I will always be using the SSH and doing things from command line. So I can safely turn off the turbopanel.

    Also I followed your suggestion and installed numactl and did memhog 200m. I hope that helps free up some memory.

    I went ahead and did a check of all services that run under /etc/init.d by doing the following shell script

    for service in `ls /etc/init.d`
    /etc/init.d/$service status

    Then I ran the script and grepped for running processes which showed the following:

    ./ |grep running
    crond (pid 7845) is running…
    cyrus-master (pid 1923) is running…
    httpd (pid 32440 22099 25724) is running…
    mysqld (pid 8107) is running…
    xfers running: 0
    server is up and running
    master (pid 1598) is running…
    saslauthd (pid 7989 7981) is running…
    sshd (pid 13452 25850 29784 32722 17837) is running…
    syslogd (pid 7885) is running…
    xinetd (pid 18052) is running…

    I am trying to identify which of those above services are necessary and which aren’t. On a quick skim the one that stuck me is “cyrus-master (pid 1923) is running…” and that seemed to show up frequently on the top of ‘top’ command. On doing a further research I figured that it has to do with IMAP/POP emails and stuff ( , which I guess I don’t need for now. So I am going to turn it off too.

    /etc/init.d/cyrus-imapd stop
    Shutting down cyrus-imapd: [ OK ]
    Exporting cyrus-imapd databases:

    I don’t know what is with the ‘exporting the database’. It took a minute or so to get done.

    Checking on other services, it seems all of them like sshd, mysqld, httpd etc. are needed. I will keep them going for now.

    I rarely do much maintenance of the server other than installing some needed packages once in a while. Do you recommend any routine maintenance or cleaning up etc. of the server? Are there any recommended routine checks to be done? Do you know how to do it? Please share any ideas you might have or what you have figured out on that.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • 49 colinmcnamara // Oct 3, 2008 at 9:34 am

    The best routine check is to do a yum update. There is no automatic patching set up on your virtual server by default. This means that you are eventually going to get hacked if you don’t do it yourself.

  • 50 icecreammelts // Oct 7, 2008 at 1:45 am

    Great Post Colin. I’m about to upgrade to a Virtual Server. Cpanel is 9.99, but Parellel Plesk is about 5.00 or 4.00. What do you think about the Plesk control panel?

    Thanks in advance.

  • 51 colinmcnamara // Oct 7, 2008 at 5:28 am

    I think Plesk is fine, and that Cpanel is a bit better. Though, I choose not to use either, because they really are the most helpful during initial setup. But you have to pay for them for the life of your server.

  • 52 trbr // Oct 22, 2008 at 11:02 am

    I have finally (at least I think I have) set up the auto yum update for the VDS under the /etc/cron.daily area. It is just a simple ‘yum -y update’ in a file called yum-update.cron. So is that good enough? Will that take care of keeping the server up to date as far as software packages are concerned? Thanks.

  • 53 domainsatretail // Nov 3, 2008 at 7:41 am

    I have considered to move a number of my domains/sites to my reseller account VDS. Since Dad provides my backend for this, I did some searches to see what people are complaining about. This looks like a pretty big problem, and I hope I don’t experience this. Although, from another person I had talked to with a VDS they have told me get CPanel and all your headaches will go away. So I think I will just add that option and hopefully don’t experience these problems. Great post!

  • 54 listier // Nov 30, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    Thanks for the help!

    I’ve been having the same problem with my VDS at . I’m getting the error below:

    (Error : Exceed Memory limit. Require : 56.59 MByte)

    I have 512 and 2GB burst. I was told to reboot the server, but the reboot took 6 hours and 10 minutes. and the problem still there. I would try following your recommendation to see if I can fix GoDaddy VDS.

  • 55 erwincoumans // Dec 11, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    Thanks for those great tips.

    chkconfig is not recognized:
    +bash: chkconfig: command not found

    When running yum install chkconfig, it tells it has already been installed:

    Any idea what the default location of chkconfig is?

  • 56 erwincoumans // Dec 11, 2008 at 9:10 pm

    never mind, just located it in /sbin, so in case someone runs into the same issue, use:

    /sbin/chkconfig turbopanel off (and)
    /sbin/chkconfig tomcat55 off

  • 57 cdschofield // Jan 5, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    Thanks so much for this article! I’ve wrestled with this for a long time.

    I still like a GUI and found starting and stopping a little cumbersome so I searched high and low for a open source version of turbopanel or cpanel and found Installed smoothly with the RPM and will not make any changes to your server on install. I’m experimenting with possible issues of turbopanel.conf with changes made in Webmin.

  • 58 ZEDRAY » Blog Archive » Why GoDaddy Linux Virtual Dedicated Hosting Sucks & How to Fix It // Feb 8, 2009 at 6:01 am

    [...] It’s nice to have a problem over a weekend coding session and have someone blog about how they already solved it (click). [...]

  • 59 GoDrops_com // Feb 27, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    This post is absolute gold! Just ran into this problem… Need to break out the “DNS and Bind” book and ditch simple control panel…

  • 60 colinmcnamara // Feb 27, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    I am glad you found it usefull GoDrops. And yeah, simple control panel is more pain then it is worth.

  • 61 Xexiu // Mar 15, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Hello colin,

    Im having the following problems with them and seems that their support isnt giving me some good solutions. They said me to restart server, but seems like the problem is still there :(.

    I upgraded to virtual dedicated 3-4 days ago and moved my database to the new one. (90MB of db).

    All went succesful and site was running much faster with 10.000 users online. The problem camed after some hours. I was navigating trough internet and then suddenly my inbox of hotmail was full of messages from users on site, telling me that they are getting database error message.

    So I checked out my settings in Simple Panel and saw that MySQL was disabled. Well I enable it again and after some hours same problem. Seems that MySQL is getting automatically disabled and site goes down :(. And today my Simple Panel is out. I mean that now I cant access Simple Panel :S. Im getting : out of connection error. Cannot connect to this server.

    I sended them an e-mail again, and I so mad about their hosting. I upgraded my site because they recommended me to do it, because its good for bigger sites and forums. And now that I did it, 4 days have passed and lots a lot of users and visits :(. Even my members are getting pissed of and dont know if they will come back.

    What do you think about all this? Any solution on how to fix the MySQL automatic disable?

    The problem now is I cant access my Simple Panel and sended them an e-mail about it. Im so desesperate.

    I should had change the hosting time before listening to them….

  • 62 Xexiu // Mar 15, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    Thanks for your answer colin,

    Seems that they answered my e-mail and support ticket and they told me the following things:

    Thank you for contacting Server Support.

    We were able to successfully gain root access to your server via SSH using the log in information on file. The root password of your server would allow you to gain root access to the server via SSH. Any password resets performed from within the Hosting Control Center would reset this password and not the password used to gain access via Simple Control panel.

    After investigating this issue, it appears that the underlying issue is your server has run too low on memory. When accessing the MySQL log, the following errors were found:

    090315 8:08:54 [ERROR] /usr/libexec/mysqld: Out of memory (Needed 1048548 bytes)
    090315 8:08:55 [ERROR] /usr/libexec/mysqld: Out of memory (Needed 1048548 bytes)
    090315 8:09:06 [ERROR] /usr/libexec/mysqld: Out of memory (Needed 1048548 bytes)
    090315 8:09:08 [ERROR] /usr/libexec/mysqld: Out of memory (Needed 1048548 bytes)
    090315 8:09:13 [ERROR] /usr/libexec/mysqld: Out of memory (Needed 1048548 bytes)
    090315 8:09:14 [ERROR] /usr/libexec/mysqld: Out of memory (Needed 1048548 bytes)

    Low memory can cause issues with many services including ftp, mysql and control panel related issues. You can review this via the root user in SSH by executing the command ‘top.’

    By reviewing the RES column (how much memory a process is taking of your allotted RAM), you can see how much of your memory resources are being taken up by these processes and compare that to the amount of guaranteed RAM you have. While Virtual servers do have bursted RAM, this additional RAM is not consistently available so it should not be factored into your calculations for how much RAM that is always available for use. If you routinely exceed your guaranteed RAM allotment, FTP services, mysql instances, control panel requests – all these can fail and require restart, which will only temporarily fix the symptoms. You can also stop those services that you are not using in order to free up some memory.

    The longterm fix for this issue is either moving to a virtual dedicated server with greater amounts of guaranteed RAM or a dedicated server.

    Please contact us if you have any further issues.

    Nathan A.
    Server Support


    The problem is that I cant access my Panel to execute SSH.

    I tried to program above that you posted, but seems that doesnt work for me. When I enter password, its says: wrong password, wtc.

    Dont know what more to do :(. 3 days and my site is still down. Im losing a bunch of members and visits.

  • 63 colinmcnamara // Mar 15, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    Xexiu, MySQL is complaining that it cannot allocate roughly 10 Megabytes of RAM. This is probably because the control panel application is sucking up all of your memory.

    You can try to initiate a reboot of your system through go daddy’s interface and then immediately stop simple control panel to free up additional resources. I have noticed that simple control panel does seem to hoard memory over time, so reboot and get in and you should be good.

    In the long run, if you have a forum that generates revenue I would not recommend hosting it at GoDaddy. If it is not one thing with them it is another. You might want to check out the host I moved to last month – Not only are the cheaper, but they have support engineers that are really good (compared to godaddy which just sells you stuff)

    Rumuhosting VPS hosting

  • 64 Xexiu // Mar 29, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Hello colin, I have some problems really bad right now.

    I woked up and my site was giving “database error” like always. So I went to Simple Panel again to activate MySQL (as I told you before, it always getting automatically disabled). But after activating MySQL I still get database error and on my Simple Panel it says that its ON.

    I tried all things but seems that my site is still having “database error”. Restarted server, cleaned things and still same error. Never happened to me before, as I followed your suggestions. I normally was activating MySQL and shuting down the Panel real fast in order to have my site OK, but now, nothing works :S.

    Do you have any ideas why this could be? And I tried Rumuhosting, but I dont know what Panel to have installed on my Server, what you recommend me?

    And I dont know how to make a database backup on godaddy, as I dont have that option on Panel and I cant enter site right now.

    Im really desesperate with them, cause I dont want to restore and old database made 5 months ago :(

  • 65 colinmcnamara // Mar 29, 2009 at 8:24 am

    cPanel is safe for you to go with.
    At the end of the day, you don’t have enough resources on your GoDaddy server.

    If you get a new server with more resources (and no turbopanel to suck up the resources you do have) MySql should work.

  • 66 Xexiu // Mar 29, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    Thanks m8. Seems that I have site back, dont know what happened, but the SSH gived me an error and my database got broken (a table was damaged) so I fixed it and all its ok.

    I really want to try another server, but on Rumuhosting, I get stuck on:

    Linux Distribution Centos5 (RimuHosting Recommended Distro)
    Debian 4.0 (aka Etch)
    Debian 5.0 (aka Lenny)
    Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex, from 2008-10)
    Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron, 5 yr long term support (LTS))
    Fedora 10

    See our distros page for more information about each distro option.

    – What should I choose? Whats the best one for me? I have a hosted big forum, with 20k members, 200 online each day, and 300-400 new users each day. What do you recommend me to get?

    I was going to make a test with the one, that costs $29.95.

    – 400 MB RAM
    – 40 GB
    – Where is the bandwidth???

  • 67 palisade // Apr 8, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    I just set up a brand new virtual dedicated server here, haven’t put anything on it yet. I decided to try out your directory size test, it is shocking! See for yourself:

    root Wed Apr 08 (30:0) /
    /> time du -hs
    2.2G .

    real 3m15.120s
    user 0m0.147s
    sys 0m1.997s

  • 68 palisade // Apr 8, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    Worth noting I went with the exact same deal you did. “…their 29.99 a month package, with Centos5, unlimited domains, 10Gb disk, and 256 MB of memory…”

    I feel like I got cheated.

  • 69 colinmcnamara // Apr 8, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    Palisade – it’s crazy isn’t it? I could see if the performance was a “little” slow. But GoDaddy just sets a new standard for underperforming compute.

  • 70 benny // Jun 17, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    hi Colin I tried this on a Godaddy VDS, but the package had 256mb, so I did memhog 128m.
    Afterwards, I was unable to do anything with FTP except download. I get a error; 553 Could not create file.
    Since I’m a Linux nube, I don’t know what to do to fix the FTP service, so I reprovisioned. It was a new setup so nothing was lost.
    Any idea on what may have happened?

  • 71 benny // Jun 17, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    no wait it worked fine, doh!

  • 72 Ed // Jun 29, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    Hi Colin, I’m a self confessed newbie as far as web site administration is concerned.
    I recently found myself administering a vbulletin forum hosted on a server that the previous administrator advised me to get rid off asap. As I already had a domain with godaddy and since changing brought also savings of $10 I went for it in a hurry.
    I know my linux, basically from my studies of embedded systems so I obviously had to look “under the hood”. ps and top showed me that java was running, eating up too much memory and I was like… “why does a simple webserver need java to be running?” So I found that the culprit was turbopanel and then a google search led me here. Your article is perfectly written but your words led to my dismay as I realised that I should have searched for a better host.
    I obviously turned turbopanel off and I consider the email replies from godaddy, selling more products instead of really fixing the real problem to be awful, why don’t they just tell you to turn the panel off?
    But things are not so bad as you say, as I write this today, I never had an out of memory problem, even when turbopanel was running. I found my memory usage going up to 600+Mbytes without any issues.
    (I’m counting my beans.)
    bean=`cat /proc/user_beancounters`
    guar=`echo “$bean” | grep vmguar | awk ‘{ print $4;}’`
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    I finally got sick of restoring from backup and moved to a different provider.

  • 74 Links » Blog Archive » links for 2009-11-21 // Nov 21, 2009 at 5:30 am

    [...] Why GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Hosting Sucks & How to Fix It | Colin McNamara – CCIE 18233 , VCP,… (tags: sysadmin webhosting hosting godaddy dedicated toread) [...]

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    [...] was considering RimuHosting based on a blog post from Colin McNamara, not directly related but anyone with that name must be smart [...]

  • 78 Why you can’t install BSD (Or anything else for that matter) on a Godaddy Server | nGook // May 4, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    [...] Control Panel”.  The hell was Godaddy thinking. (I found a lot of information from , gotta give credit where it’s [...]

  • 79 GoDaddy and their parameters for cron jobs | // Jan 9, 2012 at 11:59 pm

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    After long conversations with GD support, when they told me multiple times to re-provision, and I told them it was out of the question because of the number of integrated services we run on this particular VDS, they said TurboPanel was end-of-life, and I’d have to upgrade to cPanel or Plesk.

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