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Cisco rounds out its portal and automation portfolio by acquiring Cloupia

November 15th, 2012 · 6 Comments · CISCO, Cloud Orchestration

What is the heck is Cloupia?

Cloupia is a company built around making converged data center infrastructure easy to build and manage. This take They accomplish this goal by delivery three major product sets -

Unified Infrastructure Management – Cloupia’s Bread and Butter

Cloupia’s Unified Infrastructure controller really the meat of Cloupia’s product line. It puts an single pane of glass interface that provides element and virtual machine management on FlexPod, VSPEX and Vblock converged infrastructure solutions.

  • Self Service Portals
  • Infrastructure element managment
  • Virtual platform management
  • Analytics and reporting engines
  • Chargeback analysis
  • Capacity management

couplia unified infrastructure controller

Converged infrastructure management via iPad with Cloud Genie 

Yup, you can control your virtualization and storage infrastructure management via your iPad. If you have seen Cloupia at the NetApp booth at a trade show, there is a 99% chance that this was how they demo’d FlexPod for you. This allows you to provision and manage virtual machines as well as manage certain functions like resizing data stores on your primary storage. 

cloupia ipad app

Cloud Ignite – Build a FlexPod or VSPEX in minutes

Let me share a dirty little secret. Data centers can be complicated places full of blinking spinning things that are connected together in weird and interesting ways. That being said, if you use converged reference architectures like FlexPod or VSPEX you can automate the heck out of it. Some of us use OpenSource tools like Puppet and Razor to decrease to build converged infrastructure. Others use tools like CloudIgnite to capture the different variables necessary to make your Pod “Unique” and the click a button to make infrastructure happen. Cloud Ignite makes that happen.

My question is whether Cisco will keep this reseller / integrator only, which is the current status of CloudIgnite. Or… will the integrate it closely with UCSM to allow the simplicity and scale of configuring a UCS to extend out to converged infrastructure like FlexPod and VSPEX.


What does this mean for CIAC for Cloud and Compute

Honestly, I am a little unclear on this. Currently, a few of the largest Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud and Compute integrations actually use Cloupia as an element manager. There is quite a bit of overlap on functionality, however they are VERY DIFFERENT PRODUCTS under the covers.

One thing that was interesting however, is who has been sending communications about this. The communications about acquiring Cloupia that I got did not come from the Automation and Cloud groups, it came from the leadership at SAVTG (the the makers of UCS, UCSM).

My gut feel is that we will see Cloupia more tightly integrated into UCSM and UCSM manager of Managers, very closely integrated into the UCS Platform. I think I need to have a discussion with Rodrigo Florez over a couple beers and drag it out. Rodrigo, can you ping me on twitter?

Will this work with OpenStack

A good friend of mine is the VP of Technical Operations at Cloupia (now Cisco I guess). I have been bugging him about this for a while, as well as bugging him to get VSPEX support in the product to match the FlexPod offering. I haven’t seen a working implementation from them in front of OpenStack, however I FULLY EXPECT CISCO TO FUND DEVELOPMENT OF MAKING THIS HAPPEN. This would be a brilliant move by Cisco of putting a consumable interface in front of OpenStack for the mid market similar to what Rodrigo is doing on the large scale side with CIAC.

Colin’s thoughts

I like the products that Cloupia makes, as well as the people that make it. Cloupia simplifies the management of both the virtualization layer of your converged infrastructure, but also the hardware elements underneath. This combined with a simple self service portal will provide a pretty awesome solution when integrated on top of UCS and other platforms.

Want to learn more?

Cisco Announces intent to Acquire Cloupia –

Cloupia Cloud Automation and Platform Management –

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