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What should I do this thanksgiving break?

November 22nd, 2006 · 2 Comments · efficiency, todo, Uncategorized

What should I do this thanksgiving break?

1. Write a host auditing application

Existing Features -

Generates XML configs based on specific command generation
Outputs to flat XML database
New Features -
Runs from central monitoring platform
Gathers host information first by shelling into boxes and gathering packages / processes
Verifies application application by NMAP of high number ports
Outputs into individual HTTP / XML formatted files
Creates index for easy host data access
Could run locally to create a host status page
Create nagios byhost config on output
Should I output through Apache, or a servlet…
This could go over really well
Would be fun to write
Could land me in scope creep hell

2. Update the Real Time System config generator

Existing Features-
Generates Content Switching configs from application data
Has a web interface for development access
Notifies help desk
New Features -
Create firewall definition files
Create nagios probe config
Integrate XML submission probe generation
Nice to have, but 90% of the functionality is already there

3. Update Nagios system config generator (nagiosuploader)

Existing Features-
Grabs system info when run locally
Posts configs to monitoring server for processing
New features
Host auditing to determine services monitored
Clean up error condition handling
Web interface for config generation
Having a web interface for users to fill out would lower my workload

4. Automate web application error reporting

Existing features -
None, well.. manually executed text processing on log files. I wouldn’t call that an application
New features -
Automation of customer / error code matrix grep statements
Output in XML / http format web page and email
Text only output in commented form <– text –> for command line mail clients
Thoughts -
Proves the point that certain people can be replaced by very small shell scripts (Unix humor)
Should be a big with with Client services
Could drive the application “digital dashboard”
Should be a fun to practice using AWK for formatting data in a standard output
Serious danger of scope creep
May be better implemented in a MySQL back-end

5. Do some personal growth items

Finish the Vmware image for the 7206 emulator and post to Vmware Technology Network for general use (delete IOS files before uploading)
Read some more of Long’s storage book
Write a sample chapter for Stay at Home Photography
Get GTK pod to run under my cmcnamar account, not root (I think the IPOD’s file system doesn’t like changing ownership or file attributes)
Redo the 2cups homepage
Clean the Garage……..
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  • 1 shadow // Nov 22, 2006 at 2:03 pm

    dude! Engineering while under the effects of Tryptophan can have deleterious effects .

  • 2 colinmcnamara // Jan 14, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    Yeah.. it doesn’t always work out so well

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